My madam’s husband is cheating on her. Should I tell her?

Please hide my identity. I am a 22 year old girl. I do not come from a rich home. Growing up, my family was struggling. My father was a petty farmer who didn’t have enough land to cultivate. He practiced subsistence farming and he did most of the farm work manually and all by himself. He really made enough harvest to feed us and also sell for some of our other needs. Because of this, many of us, especially the elder ones were not privileged to go to school as we had to do other things to make money to support feeding and survival in the family. My mother on the other hand was a trader. She sold foodstuffs at the market. Even though she was doing so well, she was doing better than my father and she contributed so much to my family. Many times, I had to stay with my mom in the shop. She had this good customer who gradually became our friend. She helped us a lot with food and money since her kids were doing well. A certain day, she approached my mom after buying foodstuffs from the shop and told her that her daughter needed someone of age to double as her house aid and sales girl. She asked my mom if she could allow me to live with her daughter who she promised will treat me well. Long story short, my parents agreed and I went to live with her. 

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Since I got to my madam’s house, she has been nothing but a huge blessing to me. She loves me like her child, she takes good care of me and she treats me with so much respect. In her house, she gave me free access to her kitchen. Whenever she buys clothes for her children, she buys them for me too. She has three little kids, two boys and a girl and she ensures that they respect me. Those kids don’t call me by my name, she taught them to address me as aunty and it has remained like that. I can go on and on about how this woman is so great to me. Her husband on the other hand treats me well but he has a problem. Could you believe that as nice as my madam is this man still cheats on her. In the morning, my madam makes breakfast while I get the kids set for school. This is because her husband prefers her making the meals. After breakfast, she drops the kids off at school then goes to work while I clean the house before going to the shop. Her husband goes to work shortly after she leaves. This is the usual routine. 

My madam usually travels to buy goods for her business. She sells clothes, shoes, bags and other female accessories. She does this in a very big way. She is very rich and she has a lot of customers. Often, she prefers to go and buy these things herself instead of paying them because she will get them at cheaper prices and she will even get to pick those she prefers. When she asks for a waybill, she doesn’t get what she likes so she stops. I found out that when my madam travels, her husband sneaks girls into the house. He does it in a hidden way but there was a day I caught him. Often, he brings the girl into the house in the evening before I get home from work and she stays in their matrimonial room because I don’t enter there at all. Then in the morning when I take the kids to school, she leaves. Well, the day I caught them, I came back home to pick up one of the kids assignments which he left at the study room. That was when I bumped into the lady half dressed. 

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The husband quickly told me not to say anything. This has happened a few more times and he is no longer as secretive with it as he was before I found out. He brings them in even when I can see them although the kids don’t see the girls. It’s not just a single girl, different girls of different sizes. Some even have tattoos all over their body. To make matters worse, my madam is usually finer than most of them. My madam takes care of herself. She dresses well and she has a very nice shape like a newly married woman so I don’t understand what her husband is looking for in another lady. I seriously feel bad for my madam. She is a very good person and doesn’t deserve to be cheated on. She works so hard and she loves her husband so much. I feel guilty whenever I see her husband claim he loves her so much. I feel like telling her about it. I have kept silent for a long time and my conscience is killing me. Do you think this is okay for me to tell her? She deserves to know but what if it affects her marriage. I don’t want to be the cause of a broken marriage. What do I do?  

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