My marriage is falling apart. Help me.

I feel like my marriage has become a ground for constant battle and this was never what I bargained for. While dating this man, what I honestly wanted was peace, love and understanding that transcends every form of unrest. I assume that’s what every marriage hopes to achieve but mine is going off the grid. We are always having one issue or the other. If it is not my husband complaining about one thing or the other, it’s my mother-in-law or my husband’s sisters trying to wreck my home. Last year, I began to face a lot of problems from my husband’s people because I do not have a male child yet.

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In their books, if I don’t have a male child, I am not fully married and I cannot lay claims on any of my husband’s property especially when they are not registered in my name. I currently have three children, all girls and I am doing everything possible to see that I give these girls the best training. Of course, my husband does not complain about not having a male child. Yes, he wants a male child but he loves his daughters and has tried to provide the best care and support that is required of him as a father. However, when the pressure from his family builds and becomes intense, he begins to act differently.

Sometimes he gets angry because of unnecessary things and even when I try to speak sense into him, it falls on deaf ears. A while back, he began to complain about the house help that we had. He said it was not right for us to have a maid whereas I am not sick or in pain. We have a big house and there is absolutely no way for me to clean the house alone and still cook and take care of the children alone. Our children are still small. The eldest is 13 years while the other two girls are 11 and 8 years old. Due to their age, they cannot help with any house chore. I ensure they focus on their books however they help to wash plates and do little cleanings.

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My husband acts in ways I can’t explain so many times and it gets me so crazy. His complaints are unfounded and it’s always as if he is intentionally trying to get on my nerves so that I can overreact. Honestly, it is becoming too much. We disagree a lot and it is as if I can’t have a breathing space in my own home. It feels like everyday is a struggle and he doesn’t see anything wrong with our frequent squabbles. I know that this is wrong and also abnormal and that is why I am trying to correct it. I have been trying my best to be a good wife and avoid quarrels but it almost doesn’t help. I need the help of a third-party. I want to save my marriage.

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