My mother-in-law came after I gave birth but she doesn’t do anything.

I am a first time mother. I gave birth two months ago and it has been a thing of joy for me, holding my child and watch him makes me feel fulfilled. I have been having a good time with my husband until my mother-in-law came. My mother is currently not available because she went to my sister’s house in London so she couldn’t come to help me. As a result of this, my mother-in-law decided to come from Edo to help take care of me and the baby. The truth is, we have not been having a smooth relationship since my husband decided to marry me. We have never quarrelled but I know that she doesn’t like me at all.

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When I gave birth, my husband said he was going to call her to come since my mom wasn’t available. I was uncomfortable about it and he figured out. I opened up to him. He has always known that my relationship with his mother was rocky bit he assured me that we needed her help since there was no close relative to do that for her so we could employ her expertise as an experienced mother. He assured me that she won’t give me trouble since I just delivered, I had to agree and my husband called her. She came the following week and sincerely, things have changed and I regret allowing my husband to call her to come at all.

Since she came, she makes it very obvious that she doesn’t like me. We don’t have any kind of conversation even when I try to start one. She speaks to me like I am a lowlife. The worst part of it is that she doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t lift a finger to help out with anything whatsoever. She always sits and watches movies when she wills. They only thing she does is to bath the baby in the morning and night. She doesn’t help out with any other thing. I have to cook, clean and do various things by myself and it overwhelms me. Many times I don’t sleep at night because the baby was awake and cries all through. It makes me feel weak and sleepy during the day. I still need to wake up early and prepare breakfast and still take care of the baby and clean as well. 

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I am very tired. She sees me do all these things but she doesn’t do anything to help. She acts like it’s nothing even when I complain loudly. Sometimes when I am cooking the baby is crying. My husband leaves in the morning and returns at night so he can’t really help me. My mother-in-law has stayed almost two months and I am tired of having her here. I don’t want to ask when she is leaving so that I can avoid problems but I am tired of seeing her. I am very annoyed and tired. My husband knows and he keeps asking me to be patient, I am tired.I want to know how to handle this without having problems with my husband.

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