My Mother-In-Law Deliberately Humiliated me so she can test me if I was a virtuous & humble woman.

Bayo Ajibola

 Last year, I got married to my husband. He was introduced to me by a family friend. We did not meet physically cos he was abroad. But he came for our wedding exactly one month after we started talking.

We got married in a lavish ceremony.He was around for 2 weeks after that. Before he left,we had started making plans for my visa to join him. I discovered I was pregnant almost like a month after wedding and my husband was happy.

My husband asked his mother to move in with us to be around me cos of the pregnancy. Its a big house so I don’t mind but I later realized the woman is evil. From the moment she entered the house,things started going bad for me.

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Every day,I would be having bad dreams…this woman began to control my life. She decide what we cook or eat. She question my movements and deny my friends from coming to visit me. I complained to my husband and he said I should ignore her that she is just old school

My visa was denied. I applied again,also denied. By this time,my belly was beginning to show gradually. My husband then said I should relax and have the baby here and later,we relocate to join him. I believe this woman did not want me to join my husband oversea.

She would insult me for no reason and threatened to slap me and she slapped me one time cos she was calling me and I did not hear cos the TV volume was loud. She came in and slapped me.

My husband warned her not to do that again …but that made her even more furious.Saying I want to separate her from her son. I discover this woman is deceptive. She is sweet and nice to her son but mean to me. She began to cry to her son saying he was allowing a woman make him maltreat his own mother.

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One time,I came back from church and this woman pounced on me claiming that I did not go to church but to a man’s house. I told her it was clear she was mental. Before I could say anything,she poured smelly water on me.

I was so angry that I grabbed her and she tried to hold my stomach,I had to try and escape her so I bit her hand. She became even more furious and hit me with something ,I think a broken stick or so. I am quite tall so,in defending my self,I tried to take the stick from her and my hand landed around her face.

This woman was practically pulled away from me by neighbors. That day,in the evening,my husband called very furious saying I attacked his mother. He then opened up to say bringing his mother to live with me was a test.

Since me and my husband did not know each other well before we got married,he said his mother suggested I stay with her so she can test me if I was a virtuous humble woman. He said agreed , his mother  may have gone to the extreme but he said I should never have attacked his mother.

All my explanation that it was his mother who attacked me first fell on deaf ears. He said he was no longer interested in the marriage. He asked me to move out and that he would come for his child when I give birth.

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Since then,I have been so miserable. I feel abused and mistreated but no one wants to listen to me. They are all saying I should go and beg the mother and learn to be a humble daughter in-law. That means,whatever she does to me,I should take it like that.

I do not want to beg her but I have no where else to go cos my family has also agreed that I should beg her. They are feeling ashamed that I would return with a pregnancy and divorced just barely a year of marriage. I am also feeling ashamed but begging this woman seems unfair and I do not know how long I can take her cunning and wicked ways.

Please advise me.

Bayo Ajibola

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