My mother-in-law is diabolical and it’s affecting my family

Something has been bothering me for a while now. I am a father of two girls and my wife and I have just been married for four years. Before I met this woman, everything was going well for me. I am a business guy, I have a love of goods and customers as well. I deal in electrical appliances and I am well known in this area. I have helped so many people, even from my village. When it was time to settle down, I told my family that I was looking for a wife. One of my friend’s sisters recommended my wife and after dating for seven months, we got married.

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Ever since I got married, things have changed with me. It is as if things are getting bad. My business started having issues. My container was seized last year and it cost me a lot of money trying to sort it. I had to borrow from my friends before it was finally released. Even after I got it, sales were slow and the profit was small as well. We are having problems with finance in my house and my wife doesn’t earn much. I have gone to different places and churches and all they keep saying is that the problem is from my wife’s family that her mom is behind everything. The woman doesn’t like me and I’ve always known that but I didn’t know it’ll get to this extent.

The woman has stopped going to church. People in her village are afraid of her because news going round is that she is diabolical and doesn’t mean well for people. I don’t know what my offense is. I have always been nice to her even though I know that she didn’t want me to marry her daughter. My wife had to convince her and even spoke to her uncles to talk to her before she finally agreed. Since then, we have never had a smooth relationship. She rarely visits but the few times she visited, it was a nightmare for me. I used to see her in my dream and she was usually awake late at night. I don’t know how I got into this mess.

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I am losing my business day by day and feeding is becoming more and more difficult. I have prayed as much as I can but the situation hasn’t improved so much. My wife is aware of the situation and even feels terrible about it. We can’t say anything to her because we don’t have proof but we know she is the one behind all these. What I don’t understand is why she would be doing this to her daughter. My wife is a nice person and she stands for the truth at all times. She helps people and loves her mother. Before this, she goes home to visit her regularly with foodstuff and money. I don’t know why this woman is punishing her daughter. We are struggling to survive and I am confused on what to do.

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