My mother-in-law is having an affair with my landlord – Newly married lady speaks.

I just gave birth last month and my mother in-law came to help me out. My mom couldn’t come because she is currently outside the country to see my elder sister who gave birth before me. I actually don’t have an issue with my mother in-law because she is lovely and young thus, she understands me pretty well. We get along so well and she respects my privacy.

My issue however is that I found out she is involved with my landlord. I was livid when I found out. She is a naturally warm and jovial person so it’s easy for her to get along with people and win their heart. I admire her for this but I never knew she would stoop so low to have an affair with my landlord, I mean it’s crazy and very unbelievable. 

I noticed she speaks well with my landlord but I didn’t know that it has passed normal greetings to something else. A week after she came to my house, she was already cool with my landlord and she asks some questions about him. I actually thought the questions were sincere because she always admired the man for regularly coming to see my new baby and I. 

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She asked about his family, what his wife does and how he earns a living apart from the house rent. She was also Keren to know about his kids and all. I actually answered her because I didn’t think it was anything serious. Although I noticed that my landlord frequents my house but I thought he was just being nice since it’s my first child and he wanted to ensure his tenants are safe, little did I know there was more to it. 

Each time he came, he would ask of my mother-in-law and sometimes when she hears his voice, she comes out with all smiles but sincerely, I didn’t suspect anything. These are elders so why would I even think about anything stupid. I thought it was the usual ways elders relate with themselves so I didn’t really look into it. 

This continued and the day I found out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t know how they both exchanged contacts and were keeping in touch. Many times my mother in-law would be laughing all by herself. I didn’t suspect anything, she’s an adult of course. There was a day she was showing me pictures her daughter took when her baby was one month. She suggested we used the same concept for my baby and I was checking them out. 

She had gone to get baby clothes inside when my landlord’s message came in and it previewed. She actually saved his name with something else but because of the preview, I saw the exotic messages and out of curiosity, I opened the whole message and went through their previous texts. To be honest with you, I didn’t know how to react. I wished I hadn’t seen the text because it changed my entire mood and perception about my mother in law. 

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I managed to give her the phone in a way that didn’t reveal I had read the message. Since them, I have never been the same and the way I see her and my landlord has changed automatically. My mother-in-law is young and takes care of her looks so well. She fixes nails, lashes and the rest of them but I just thought it was the modern day thing. 

My husband is her first child so it’s for you to know how young she is. Her husband is also young so why would she look at another man. Thinking about this, I’m wondering how many more men she is involved with. 

I actually brought this issue here so that you guys can advise me on what to do. This is because ever since I found out, it has been affecting me and the way I talk to her including my landlord. What can I do to completely forget this and act like nothing ever happened. I don’t want this to ruin my relationship with her. 

Should I tell my husband? I’m afraid he won’t believe me. Besides, I just gave birth to my first child so I wouldn’t want to start telling stories this early in marriage. 

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