My mother-in-law is making marriage unbearable as a result of childlessness – Man cries out

An embattled young man is seeking advice on how to handle tantrums from his mother-in-law who blames him for childlessness in his marriage.

The man who has been married for years says, his mother-in-law who lives under his roof makes life a living hell for him and efforts to make her leave awakens threats from his wife.

His narration below …

“I’ve been married for 4years without a child. My mother in law moved in with me at my second month of marriage because her daughter is an only child and her husband died few months before our marriage. My mother in law is causing so many problems in my home. She blame me for our predicament that I used all my children in exchange of money.

My darling wife who was so respectful now talk back at me. Her attitude towards me changed. She now shouts at me and talks to me rudely. We have done medical tests and they confirmed that nothing is wrong with us. I want to send my mother in law away but my wife is threatening to leave as well. I love her so much Ceetee. I takes care of her. She’s not lacking money cos I’m a rich man. Even though she’s not working. I still come back from work, cook and clean my house. My wife always claims her waist is paining her. I don’t bother about all these. I will only have peace if my mother in leave. Ceetee, you need to see how they torment me in my house. I’m lonely even wen my wife is living with me. She sleeps in her mum’s room and for 8months, I’ve not touched my wife. she has been denying me sxx. Please help a dying brother.”

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