My mother-in-law is too close to my husband. I don’t like it.

My mother-in-law followed us back from the village because my husband pleaded with her to follow us due to my condition. I am 8 months pregnant and unable to do some certain things. Because of this, my mother in law is here to help till I put to bed. My problem now is that my mother in-law is too close to my husband. She doesn’t give him any breathing space. They are always together even when they don’t have anything to discuss. 

When my mother-in-law is cooking, my husband will be there with her instead of keeping me company. He will leave me all by myself in the room and be with his mother instead. I thought he was supposed to be with me because of my condition. He makes me to shout before he comes to help me. I find it difficult to walk on my own so I need my husband to always be available so he can help me move around. 

The other day he was helping his mother to wash even though a washing machine is available and his mother knows how to use it. He doesn’t spend time with me or even makes me feel like I am his wife since his mother came. We spent three weeks in the village so they had enough time to discuss. Why will she take up my husbands time in my own house. Whenever my husband comes back from work, the first person he asks of is his mother. Where is mama, where is mama? Everything it’s about his mother. He doesn’t even ask me about my kid, it’s always his mother. 

I have spoken to him about this but he feels I am overreacting. He thinks it’s my pregnancy that is making me act this way but it’s not. I am fully okay and I know what I am saying. I know how caring my husband used to be before his mother came to stay with us. He used to worship me and treat me like I’m the only woman in the world but he doesn’t do that anymore. He no longer cares for me as before. He has transferred the attention all to his mother. 

Even when all of us are in the sitting room watching movie, he always asks his mother if she is enjoying the movie. If she says she is not, he will change it with asking me. He doesn’t even mind if I am enjoying the movie or not. This is my house for crying out loud but his is making his mother feel comfortable more than me. He doesn’t care about my happiness and it is pissing me off a lot. 

I can’t wait to put to bed so that she will go home. I no longer enjoy her company. She is making my husband interested in her and I don’t like it. My husband used to be very caring but not anymore. When he goes out he buys things for her and what he buys for me is not always big. Her presence in this house is really annoying me. It is beginning to get on my nerves and it gets worse by the day. Is there a way I can handle this situation? Is there anyway I can stop them from being so close or even make my mother-in-law to go home?

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