My Neighbour Assaulted Me Because He Is In Love With Me

Bayo Ajibola

Please I need your advise. I am a 23 years old undergraduate of Political Science,300 level. I live with my Aunt who is partly responsible for paying for my education. I help her with her Children even though she has a house help. During the lock down,something happened.

My Aunt lives in a block of 4 flats. One of our neighbours is a divorcee man. He lives alone but he is friends with my Aunt and her husband. During the lock down,staying at home was boring. I ran into our neighbour and we was like I should come watch Netflix with him.

My Aunt didn’t mind cause she sef has been wanting me to get married …maybe so the burden of my education will reduce for her. We used to watch many movies,series together, The one that got me so hooked was Money Heist. We would watch it and talk about it after.. It was trending so much at that time.

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As a man,I knew he kinda liked me but I was waiting for him to say something but he would not. We gisted about so many things and spent so much time every day together. Sometime,even our house help and even my Aunt’s children came around. When we talked,I found out he got married but the lady was a gold digger,he couldn’t keep up with her lifestyle and they eventually split.

But one day,as we we watching a movie, he offered me a drink. Juice that he poured from a bottle. I drank and few minutes later,I felt sleepy. The last thing I remembered was he was taking off my pants. He r*p*d me. I don’t know how long he did but when I woke up,it was all blood and pain.

He was trying to clean me up. I was weak and tried to say something but couldn’t. He was begging me. when I got some strength to get up,I found out he had locked the door so I could not leave. I started to beg him and he also was begging me not to tell anyone.

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That he was in love with me. That he didn’t know how to tell me.He didn’t know if I would agree. He promised to marry me,help me finish my schooling. He promised to wire money to me immediately. He asked me for my account details to prove to me that he was serious. I just wanted to leave so I gave  him. He wired 200k to me.

He also made me swear not to tell anyone. I don’t know if it was fear but I swore. I just wanted to leave. He made noodles for me to eat…he was petting me and swearing he has never done this before and that he will never do it again.

Around 5pm,he let me go. I went straight to my room and locked myself inside. I told everyone that I was sick. That evening,he came to see my Aunt and told her he wants to marry me. That he is in love with me. My Aunt later tried to call me. I came out and she saw I was sick and told me excitedly that our neighbor,the rich,handsome single guy was in love with me and has asked for my hand in marriage.

I was scared to tell her anything. She took my….

To be continued…

Bayo Ajibola

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