My parents are against my will to marry the man I love.

Inform me when you post this. I need your help please. I don’t know what to do about this and I don’t want to go ahead with a marriage that my family doesn’t approve of. I had a child when I was growing up, I was so crazy in love with this guy that I got pregnant for him without knowing the repercussions. Growing up was difficult because of my child. I faced a lot of challenges and I dealt with a lot of bad words from people, especially those who mocked me for my situation. I missed two years of school because I had a child.

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I later continued with my education while my mom took care of my child. Currently, I am 26 and I met a 38 year old man who I’ve fallen in love with. My family is against my intentions to marry him because they think that he is too old for me. He is just 12 years older than me and I don’t think that in any way is a problem. People marry men that are even older than them by fifteen years so I don’t think anything is a problem here. My parents think I deserve someone younger but I think that they should first of all be interested in my happiness.

It is not a matter of age. I think the major concern should be whether or not I love him and if I am going to be happy with him. This man has a decent job and his family members are doing well too. He treats me well and has wholeheartedly accepted to take in my son as his child and train him too. You will agree with me that this is not something that is very easy to find. Another major concern that my family has is why he is still single at the age of 38. 

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I agree that 38 is quite an old age not to be married but I don’t think it matters. Not everyone finds love early enough so whenever one finds love, he or she can go ahead and settle down. I once asked my man why he isn’t married yet and he said it’s because he didn’t find someone that ticked most of his boxes. I love this man a lot and I really wish that my family could see this and just give their consent. I feel happy just by being with him which should be the main focus. 

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