My Parents Don’t Like my Man

Please help me with some sound advice. I met this guy on a social media platform. We have not dated at all in the real sense of it but we’ve now been living together for two months.

I have a child and I left him at home with my parents but my parents have no idea where I am. They are really worried though. My man’s people know where I am. They have actually been very supportive of our union and I’m very grateful for that.

My parents recently found out I’m living with my husband and they refused to see him. Before you ask, my man is already aware I have a son and he is very ready to cater for everything for my son and I. All this makes me sad because my son has really been affected since he is still young and recently started school.

I love my husband because he is quite understanding, caring, and he provides everything for me. He lost his job a short while after we moved in together and it has been quite a struggle. He is currently sick with ulcers and has to stay home. Since we need to eat, I went out and found a job that pays enough to buy food for us and do a few more things. It’s only fair that I take care of him.

I have not had the opportunity to meet any of his family members but they are very supportive whenever we speak to each other and they want to seek legal custody over my son. I feel like I’ve failed as a parent since my son is at home under my mum’s care. I feel so guilty because it’s like I’ve abandoned him. My husband and I have been planning to go home and see my parents but my parents do not want to see him. They are of the opinion that he kidnapped me and that is their reason for refusing to meet him. On the other hand, his family wants me to stay with him.

Should I leave and go back home to my parents or should I stay with him? Please advise.

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