My penis is small. Many girls reject me because of it, what do I do to increase it? – Desperate man asks.

This may sound silly but it is affecting me so much. My penis is very small and many girls have rejected my proposal because I am not able to satisfy them sexually. We will be very good friends, Vibing well and all but after we have sex, they detach themselves from me with some excuses but I already know what my problem is. 

Initially, I was wondering what the problem was because I am always nice to the girls I have dated. I later found out when one of the girls I was in a relationship with told me she no longer wants to continue after we had sex for the very first time. I loved her so much and because of that, I could not easily let her go. 

I kept disturbing her while trying to find out what the problem was and what I had done wrong for her to suddenly call things off after she promised to be with me. She finally opened up to me and said it was because my manhood is small and I couldn’t satisfy her. I was devastated and then, I started looking for a solution. 

I spoke to some experts and they recommended some drugs they said will help increase my penis. I took that drug very well like my life was built on it but nothing changed. I have also taken herbal medicines to know if it will increase but all to no avail. One of my friends also gave me a triple action cream which when said will help enlarge my penis, increase libido and strength of activity. 

I have taken many drugs, yet nothing has changed. This is now affecting my entire life because many girls I approach leave me because of it. I once had a girl with whom we agreed not to have sex until we marry. It was my idea and I just didn’t want to lose her because I loved her so much and she was well-behaved. 

We kept to this agreement until I proposed to her. She actually agreed and we were making plans so I could go and see her parents. This was when she called me to the sitting room one night and told me she has ascertained my character enough and would also like to find out what my sexual strength was and if we were sexually compatible. 

I was scared but when I found out she was serious, I had to agree. After everything, she left because I couldn’t satisfy her. According to her, she said my penis is small and doesn’t fit her whole which frustrates her. Although I noticed it too but I thought it was because the girls I met already had sex with more than two people.

This is seriously affecting me. I don’t even have the courage to approach any girl again because I always imagine what will happen even if she agrees and we have sex.  I am afraid she will leave me just like others. This is not as simple as you may think it is. It is very serious and I need urgent help. 

I have tried to just stick to no sex before marriage but I am scared that if I finally get married, my wife may feel betrayed or dissatisfied with our sexual life which may lead to problems and divorce. Please help me. I am willing to try out anything even though I have taken so many drugs. This is very serious and should be treated as urgent. Help me please. 

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