My second son is not my biological child.

This is probably one of the worst things anyone should witness in marriage. All the years I have been married, I have done nothing but struggle to provide for my family and love them unconditionally. I know how much I go out of my way to do things for them even when it is extremely difficult for me. I have two children with my wife and we have been married for thirteen years. We met when I was posted to Delta to work and we connected and after everything, it led to marriage. We dated for four years before getting married so this is Like our 17th year of knowing each other. I have loved her since I knew her and I never missed a chance to show her that I do.

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I admit I have a demanding job but that never stopped me from loving her and being the best version of a husband and father one could possibly be. We have only two children because conception is a problem for my wife. We have been to different hospitals and nothing seems to be done about it. We have gone to consultants, specialists, different health practitioners but nothing was done about it. We spent three years before we could have our first child. It was a lot of emotional and psychological stress for us because we were going to different places. We spent a lot of money on tests and other medical expenses. We even went to a prayer house.

I was there for her all these while, I never gave up. I was even advised to remarry but I didn’t. I kept telling people she would conceive. After we had our second child in the 8th year of our marriage, I told her to stop worrying about childbirth anymore, that if we have another one, it’s okay but if we don’t, we will give our best shot to the two we have. I was a good husband, I was always there for her, I spent money and showed her love. I got her a good job and still pay her monthly. The kids attend a good school and I foot the bills in the house. I could forgive her for cheating on me but she went as far as having a child with someone else, that’s very painful to me. I have tried to forgive her but I can’t.

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I started having doubts when people repeatedly told me that he didn’t look like me nor my wife. They didn’t say it seriously, they just said it in passing but people said it so frequently that I began to read some meaning into it. My wife and I are both fair but our son is dark and doesn’t look like either of us unlike the first that’s fair and looks like my wife. I am not usually around but I come home as soon as my work permits so my wife is mostly alone with the kids. After much deliberation and hesitation, I spoke to my doctor friend and he recommended a DNA at a trusted hospital. I went and it came out negative, did the same for my first son but it was positive. I confronted her and she confessed. I am deeply shattered.

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