My sex life is terrible and my wife is highly unbothered

Please hide my identity. I want to talk about how frustrated I am currently because I can’t help it anymore. I have been managing and trying to be a very understanding husband but everything is still not going well. I am married. My wife is a very great woman and I won’t fail to give her all the accolades she deserves because she earned it. However, I can no longer continue to keep quiet and die in silence because this situation is eating me up.

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We got married in 2018 and we have a grown child who has increased the bond between my wife and I. But the major problem I am facing currently is that my wife has suddenly hated sex. She is no longer interested in anything that has to do with sex or foreplay and she is very comfortable about. I am a man and I know what it is like for me to be sex-starved. Initially, she started off by saying that she was not in the mood for sex because she was stressed that period.

As time went on, I realized that I was almost beginning to beg her for sex. Sometimes, it is as if she just pities me and allows me to have sex while other times, she states it vehemently that she doesn’t want to have sex with. Sometimes she doesn’t even bother to give me an explanation of why she doesn’t want to do that, she only states that she is not interested and that’s all. This her attitude is very very disgusting and tiring.

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I have done what any sensible and responsible man would do by asking her if there is anything about me that turns her off which has made her to resist me this much. She has said no several times. I have tried so much to be patient with her and also try to understand that she may be going through certain things which she may no be strong enough to share with me but I can’t continue to do that anymore. We used to be close but I am suddenly seeing myself drifting from her. I don’t want to lose or love my wife less. I’m scared.

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