My sister-in-law, a divorcee lives with us and she is so bitter.

I want to talk to you about my sister in-law who is beginning to make my marriage unbearable for me. I got married in 2020 and when my husband took me to his family house to meet his people, this lady was one of those who didn’t welcome me wholeheartedly. She was already married then but she came home the day I visited to see who his brother wanted to marry. She got married in 2019 but why she didn’t love and accept me in the family was beyond my understanding. On the day I met everyone, I had a gift for all of them. For the ladies, I gave everyone a piece of wrapper except the last girl who was unmarried. I gave her a necklace and a bracelet which she loved.

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Everyone including my husband’s parents welcomed me but two of his sisters did not, especially this one I am talking about. The short time she spent before going to her husband’s house, she always found fault in everything I did. My husband knew and he spoke to her but nothing happened. I was just lucky that she didn’t stay for long and my husband’s parents especially his mom loved and welcomed me which was enough for me. Now this lady started having marital issues with her husband in 2021 and my husband was playing an active role in trying to fix her marriage. He called her husband and travelled to their state sometimes to solve things between them but it wasn’t working. They eventually ended the marriage in October 2021.

She didn’t have a child in the marriage so she went home and stayed with her parents till February 2022. She was very depressed and her mother couldn’t watch her again so they begged my husband to allow her to come and stay with us where she can find a job which would help her to get busy and heal from her broken marriage. I was against this option but my husband begged me. This woman has been here since March and my life has been on fire. She criticizes everything I do, she is extremely picky with food and she also tried to give me orders in my own house. I have been trying to be very welcoming but she obviously doesn’t like peace and I will soon fight back because I am fed up.

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I admit she is older than me but this is my house and she shouldn’t try to overpower me in my own house. She has started working but she never contributes anything not even for sachet water. I pay for foodstuff and some bills in addition to what my husband provides. She is very selective with food which is what annoys me the most. Sometimes when I cook something like soup she says she doesn’t want to eat it and requests for something else. Initially I cooked something else for her until I became tired. I told her outrightly to make her own meals if she didn’t like what I cooked. We have been having several alterations since and I am tired. I have a daughter and I don’t have strength to nurse an adult as well. I am tired and it doesn’t look like she is leaving soon. 

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