My sister in-law lives with us and she keeps inviting my husband’s ex girlfriend to the house. What do I do?

I am usually a very peaceful person but with the way things are going, I don’t think I can pretend to be okay or keep quiet anymore. I got married, January last year and I have a very beautiful daughter who is two months old. Before I got married to my husband, his family was not fully in support of our marriage but after some time, they accepted and started being nice to me. 

My mother in-law will always come around and get things for my baby. Even when I go to work, she stays at home and cares for my baby till I return. My husband is the first son of the family so he takes care of his family. He helped his  younger sister get a job in a company that is quite close to my house. For this reason, she came to live with us and goes to work from my home. 

My sister in-law is two years older than me so I respect her a lot and make sure she gets all the care and support she needs. On her side, I won’t say she likes me completely but at least, she doesn’t insult me or give me reasons to be worried about her stay until now. My husband used to have a girlfriend before we met. According to him, he broke up with her because she cheated on him. And his family already knows the girl and they loved her. They dated for two years before their separation. 

Now, my sister in-law invites my husband’s ex girlfriend to the house even when I am around. They spend a lot of time and she makes the girl very comfortable. The first day she came, I didn’t know she was the one because I only saw her picture once. When my husband returned, his sister told him that his ex girlfriend came. I was expecting him to be angry or warn his sister never to bring her to the house but he didn’t do it. Instead he just sighed and walked away. 

It was my husband that told me who the girl was when I asked why he sighed. I was angry at that moment. I asked him why he didn’t confront his sister and he said she won’t try it again. A month after I delivered my baby, she returned again. This time, she came with lots of baby gifts and my husband accepted them. He didn’t say anything or even tell her not to come again. He just sat around as they talked about their old good days. 

I felt belittled and neglected. I spoke to my husband again and he said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. This girl came back to visit my sister in-law on Saturday and she welcomed her well. I am beginning to be extremely uncomfortable with the way things are going. What should I do. This girl is gradually walking into my husband’s life and I am very afraid. Please help me. 

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