My son is into drugs. What do I do?

Please post this as soon as possible. I am in desperate need for your assistance. I am a young mother of four lovely children. I got married at an early age so I was able to give birth when I was very young. I am currently 39 and I am done having children. My husband will be 42 by next month and we are both strong and agile. My first is 16 and currently in first year in a Nigerian university. It was so much joy for me when he cleared his WAEC papers and also passed his JAMB and post UTME exams. I was a proud mom. Even though I was happy, I had majorly mixed feelings. I was excited that my first fruit was going into the university. On the other hand, I was also not very happy because he was going to leave me and his siblings. I have never had to stay away from him for so long in my life. While he was in secondary School, he and his siblings all went to school from home. I would always drop them off on my way to work and when they dismiss, I went to pick them up or their father would do that. I took my kids personal. I loved them so much and I made sure that I was present for them at all times. I loved my kids equally and provided anything possible to ensure they had a smooth life. They were my motivation in life so everyday, I put in my very best in all I do just to ensure that life is good for my kids, my husband and myself. 

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My son left for school and we saw to it that he was lacking nothing. All his tuition fees were paid completely and every book he needed was bought. We also got him beverages and everything thing that would make life easy for him in school. As expected, his father and I sat him down to have a conversation with him before he left. We advised him just like every parent would do to their child. We spoke to him against keeping bad friends and encouraged him to keep all that he has learnt from home and also call us whenever he was having challenges. After his father and I spoke to him, I still called him aside the next day to talk to him privately. In order not to prolong the story, my son got back from school for a short holiday and I was very surprised with who I saw. My son was very plump and healthy, he used to be fair and vibrant but when he got home, he was a complete opposite of what I described. My son has grown lean, he has completely changed. He looks very worn out and totally different. He has some scary marks that I cannot understand. I believe that he has gotten into a bad company and it is affecting his life negatively. He has also picked up a lot of bad habits and the way he reacts to things will make you take two steps back. 

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My son is no longer the loving and cheerful big brother he used to be to his siblings. When his siblings come around him, he acts very cold and unbothered. He doesn’t welcome them and they are beginning to withdraw for me. My third child, a girl came to me the other day to complain that his brother hates her. She says he doesn’t talk to her as before and asked if she did anything wrong to him. I was very sad but I tried to cheer her up. Even the way my son talks to me has changed. No emotions, no form of love or attachment. Like he is just there. Just existing. All he does is stay in the room and play loud music of guys rapping. My son is also into drugs and that is the one that is making me go crazy. His lips are very dark. He smokes and many times you can perceive the smell of cigarette or weed coming out of his room. He no longer speaks to me with respect. He still respects his dad but it is obvious that he is just forcing himself to do so. I am tired and I need a working solution.  I can’t continue to watch my son live this way. This is not the way I want my son to live. I need a solution please. What do you suggest I do? I can’t leave him like this in this house, I am afraid he will negatively influence my other kids and I can’t allow him to go back to school in that shape. I need help. He is supposed to go back this week but u don’t think he can. He needs to regain his senses and I need your help with that.  

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