My son is not my husband’s biological child and we need to relocate to Canada. Is a DNA test needed before we relocate? How can I hide this from my husband?

I am married to a man who doesn’t stay in the same country as me. I stay in Nigeria and we are both Nigerian. My husband travelled to Canada two months after our wedding for his masters program. I stayed back in Nigeria and was managing a supermarket he owned before leaving. I later found out I was pregnant for him. We were both happy and my younger sister had to live with me in order to help me with the chores at home. 

I later Gave birth to a baby girl and I raised her all by myself. Although my husband sent money, it wasn’t much as he said he didn’t have a good paying job. That wasn’t a problem because we understood each other and what I was earning from the supermarket was good enough to take care of my child, my sister and myself. I still could save and invest from the profits I made. 

Staying alone without my husband has not been easy. This is because of the many advances I get from men and also because of my sexual urges. Although I try to control them, it still doesn’t end well. Sincerely, I was lonely and needed someone to make me feel like a woman. Because of the advances I was getting from men and my customers, I easily got entangled with a man. 

He was my good customer and always bought a lot of things from me. He also introduced his friends to my supermarket. He was married and I felt we both had nothing to lose as no one would blackmail the other person. It’s not that I love him, I just needed someone to appreciate me and love me well. I needed my sexual urges to be met. 

We started having an affair and we had sex regularly. We always met at a hotel and because of My sales girls and my sister taking care of my baby, I had enough time to go out and see him. My husband later informed me he was coming home. I was happy. I informed the other man and we agreed to stop seeing or calling eachother when my husband arrives and we kept to that although we had sex about two weeks before my husband arrived.

To cut the long story short, it has been three years since I had that affair with him and I have a baby boy for him. My child is 2 and my husband doesn’t know he is not his biological child. The other man doesn’t know either because I didn’t tell him. We had a huge fight which made us end our affair. 

The main problem now is that my husband wants my two kids and I to relocate and stay in Canada with him. I was reading about some of the requirements and I came across a DNA test for his children. I am very scared right now. I want to know if It is really true that a DNA test has to be conducted before we can join him in Canada. 

I know I messed up by having an affair but don’t be quick to judge. If you were or have ever been in my shoes, you will understand. I want to know what to do about this before things go wrong. Will a DNA test be conducted on my kids before we can relocate or it’s just a lie? Even if it is true, is there a way I can bypass the test? I am ready to do anything to hide this from my husband. 

I love him so much and I haven’t cheated on him again since the last time. If he finds out the child is not his, I am as good as dead. Please help me. It is very urgent. I don’t want this to break my home. We have come a long way and I am not ready to lose everything. 

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