My son’s father abandoned me. Is it right to give my son his surname?

I have a two months old son and I am no longer together with his father. As a matter of fact, we were never married. We were only in a relationship when I got pregnant and things changed badly. I went to see my son’s father, who was only my boyfriend at the time. I wanted to inform him of my pregnancy but I was having mixed feelings because I didn’t know how he was going to receive the news. I still hoped he would be happy to hear about the pregnancy because he loved kids and always told me he couldn’t wait for us to get married and start having kids. I thought he would be happy but I was wrong. 

I got to his house and he was happy to see me but after I sat down, I told him I was pregnant and he didn’t believe me. When I kept saying it over and over again, he got pissed and denied the pregnancy outrightly. I broke down in tears and I left. He didn’t call me neither did I call him for two days. The third day, I called him and he didn’t take my calls. He later called and suggested we get rid of the baby. I refused and he told me never to contact him. 

It was a very difficult time for me but I made up my mind to keep the child notwithstanding the circumstances surrounding his birth. My family was disappointed in me but they never stopped supporting me all through my pregnancy journey. I put to bed two months ago to my son and that was when another problem started. I named him after my dad and the issue of surname started. Some of the people that have been coming to my house have had one or two things to say about my child, his name and his roots. 

I had to talk to my mom about it and she said said it was entirely up to me to decide the name to give my son. My dad said if I decide to give my son his surname, that he’s okay with it but if I decide to name my son after his father, he would still love and raise him well 

As I write to you, I am confused. Each time I remember my ex, all I feel is anger and bitterness. When I remember all I passed through and how he abandoned me and my child, I cry bitterly. All the time I was pregnant, he never called me to know how I was coping. Because of this and other things that happened, I am very reluctant to give my son his surname. I want to know if it’s okay for me to give  my son my fathers name or my boyfriend’s name. I want to hear from your readers before I make a decision. I will be reading your comments. 

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