My son’s wife says he raped her. He has a completely different story.

Bayo Ajibola

They have been with each other for 8 years and have been married for 2 with three kids (3F & 3F & 3M).
Lately i noticed they have been having some issues but i decided not to get myself involve. At some point they were talking about divorce or separation.

Very early hours of this morning, I heard someone calling my name at the gate of my house. Got up, looked outside and saw my daughter in law standing outside with a bag,a pram and holding my grandchildren. I allowed her in and ask what’s wrong. She did not want to talk so I gave her space and took the children to sleep in my room. I got up at about 6 and she was still up.

She could not get a hold of her parents therefore she eventually decided to tell me what was going on. She claims she was feeling unwell and did not feel like having sex with my son still he forced her and ended up just raping her against her protests. She is considering opening a case of which I dont know what to say. I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Shortly afterwards I checked my phone I noticed I had a call from my son last night and also again this morning so I called him. He was crying and I could hardly hear him but at some point he calmed down and told me that he almost hit her. I asked hi what he meant by that.He said throughout yesterday his wife was chuckling and chatting on her phone with a guy she claims is her friend.

They argued about it and eventually left it. At nighttime curiosity got to him and he went thought her phone and discovered she was sending nude photographs to some guy. He got angry, grabbed her and shook her to wake her up and got into an argument all over again. He threw her phone and it almost hit her. She then packed her things and left with the children.

I have not told him that she is with me because I don’t know how to handle it. I do not want to be involved however I already am. My daughter does not believe her story at all and said I should kick her out. I really don’t know. In any case he was wrong. What should i do now?

1st Update:

I asked her concerning the affair and she said it’s all rubbish. She’s now at the hospital for a check up and then she will go to the police station.

Eventualy i told my son that they are with me and that she is filing a case against him. I’m not really good at reading people but he did seem amazed at her story. She was equaly shocked by his story. I have advised him regarding an upcoming trial and advised he calls a lawyer which he says he will.

2nd Update:

Both of them are going with their stories and are both very unwavering in it and are getting together evidence on both sides. I have asked my daughter inlaw if I could take her to a friend or to her family members and she said okay. I’m still keeping the children with me (on her request).

This is a very difficult situation. Without a doubt i love my son however i really ardour my daughter in-law, she has been such a very good girl.

What should i do? How am i expected to handle this difficult situation? Please i really need your advice.

Bayo Ajibola

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