My wedding is in one week and nothing is ready

Please post this as soon as possible because I need your contribution please. I am getting married next week and as I am writing to you now, there is almost no reasonable preparation. I am going crazy as I am writing this to you. I have tried everything within my powers to speed up the preparation but all to no avail. My husband is someone whom I have been dating for two years now. I have had so many suitors but I still chose to stick with him because he is a very good man. When I am with him, my heart is at peace. He brings me so much joy and happiness more than any other man I have ever been with. He is very easy going, peaceful, relentless, considerate and very accommodating. These are the major reasons why I have been with him all these while but the problem is that he doesn’t have money. 

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Since I met him, I have been managing with him, he sends me money but it is nothing big. Many times when I need financial help, he is always willing to help but he ends up not doing anything, not because he doesn’t want to help me but because he doesn’t have the means to, he doesn’t have the money to help me. When I had an emergency surgery sometime in July and was rushed to the hospital, he came but was not able to foot the hospital bills. I had a ruptured appendicitis and after the surgery, I had bills to pay. He was present but didn’t have money to pay. I had to send him to my house to get my ATM card and make the necessary payments before we could leave the hospital. This is just one of the many instances when he doesn’t come through for me when I need financial help. 

He studied engineering and last year, he came for my introduction. Since last year I have been telling him about our wedding but he kept saying he doesn’t have money and he is saving up for it. My family kept talking about it but I kept giving excuses to cover up for him. He has a job but the job doesn’t pay well. It was because I got tired of waiting that I insisted on having the wedding this time. He said he hasn’t saved enough money but I threatened to leave if he doesn’t complete the marital rites, that was why he agreed but I think I have made the mistake of my life. The wedding is next week and nothing is ready because he just sent me 200 thousand which has finished. 

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I asked him for more money and he said he doesn’t have any. I only booked my wedding gown, paid an advance to the event planner and the makeup artist. I haven’t even paid for the hall and many other things. He is really insisting there is no money and once said I was the one that forced him to do the wedding. I am reconsidering things and I want to quit because it is very obvious that love is not enough. If he doesn’t have money to foot the wedding bills, how will we feed when we marry? Won’t we have kids? How will we train them? I work but I can’t bear the load of the family alone. I’m very confused now. What should I do? Please help me. Is it too wicked of me to leave when the wedding is one week away?

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