My wife and I have a huge disagreement about church

Please keep me anonymous. I am in need of your input please. I am a 32 year old man and I am married to a woman I love so much. I met her two years ago at a bank and after a year of dating, we finally tied the knot December last year. She is currently pregnant and I am very excited to finally be a father. That aside, we are having a huge misunderstanding because of our denomination and place of worship. When we met, she was worshipping at a pentecostal church while I was born and brought up as an Anglican.

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Casually, we have few conversations about church and how we would manage it after we get married. I can remember one day when we were having a long conversation, I casually said that when we finally get married, that I would love yo see how much she enjoys worshipping at my church because of the great sermon and melodious hymns from the choristers. I was expecting an affirmative response but she said something else. She said she loved her church and didn’t think any church would outdo them.

We are finally married and we’re having issues because of that. In the first month of our marriage, my wife followed me to my church probably because we had our Thanksgiving for a successful wedding and my siblings were still around. When everyone left, she followed me to church one more time and that was it. She refused to go to my church again and no matter how much I try to convince her, she refused. She said she doesn’t understand what we do in our church but that’s because she is new 

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She is going to adjust and adapt with time but she doesn’t seem to be interested at all. I hate that she is doing this. This marriage is very new and I honestly don’t want to start having issues because of this. I am taking things gently but she is pushing me to the wall. She is pregnant and I am trying all I can to see that she is comfortable. I provide for the family and cook sometimes but this one things I ask of her, age refused to do it. What do you think is best for me to do about this situation?

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