My wife and I quarrel a lot. It is exhausting.

I think I have a nagging wife. It is difficult to admit but all the things she does go on to prove this. We have been together for about eight years now with three amazing children. Eight years is a long time for couples to get to know themselves and bond better but it seems ours is different. I used to think that the first two or three years of marriage are the most challenging as couples have to adjust and learn to cope with each other but if they get past this phase, they can have a more peaceful home. Well, it turned out mine is an exception because my wife and I are still quarrelling like we are fighting over a land or something else and it is very very tiring for me.

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This woman is difficult to please, no matter how much I try to avoid her or dance to her tunes in order to avoid problems, she still ends up shouting and complaining about very unnecessary things. She is very petty and reads meaning into useless things. She is a housewife while I work to provide everything that she and the kids need and I do not complain at all. She stays at home most of the time except when she is going for a school run or going grocery shopping at the mall or any other important thing that requires her to go out. Because she stays at home, she wants me to pick her calls whenever she calls me. I have told her several times that I am usually busy at work and can’t always answer calls.

She is always picking fights with me over useless things. There was a time that my account had issues so I couldn’t transfer a certain amount of money that period. I tried explaining things to her but she said I was just being stingy and avoiding my responsibilities as a man. She is always complaining about useless things and it wears me out. I usually have a busy day at work and when I close, instead of coming home to a calm environment and hoping to crawl into the arms of a loving wife and children, I am welcomed by complaints and nagging by my wife. It makes me very very unhappy and tired. It also has an effect on our children. I don’t know if my wife is okay.

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This attitude has compelled me to go to a bar sometimes after closing from work or to visit my friends house or any other place that I think is calm and would give me the peace and clear head I so much need. I hate this because it is gradually becoming a habit and it forces me to stay away from home. It is also affecting my relationship with my children because I no longer get to spend enough time with them as supposed. My wife acts like she is under the influence of something. She wasn’t like this before. I don’t know if anything happened to her. I know that she liked attention which I have always tried to give her but she wasn’t this way. I don’t know if it’s because she is now at home most of the time. I need advice on what to do. I can’t keep running from my home.

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