My wife bagged a promotion at the office, now she has totally changed.

I would honestly prefer my identity to be concealed. I am a married man. I have been married for over 10 years now and my wife and I have been living well, of course not without the intermittent issues couple have, until recently. My first child is 9 and the two other kids are 6 and 2 respectively. We have raised these kids together while contributing our best towards having a healthy and peaceful home. I work as a lawyer in a law firm here in Nigeria. 

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Sadly, I rely solely on my salary to provide for my family and with the recent economic collapse in the country, my salary is no longer able to seamlessly meet my needs and that of my family. My wife on the other hand works in a company and she has been working there long before we got married. As a result of her long stay in the company, she has ascended the ladder and thus, earns so well. Recently she was promoted to a top rank and her salary is now above mine with about 100k.

I was very happy for her just like every supportive husband would be. Although she earned more than me, I knew I still had to shoulder the major responsibilities in the house. I didn’t even ask her to contribute more, she willing said she would do that and was doing it until recently. Now she has begun to disrespect me and act all bossy. Many times she comes home late. Sometimes she leaves the house without even informing anyone. She still takes care of the kids but my relationship with her has dropped.

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She acts in a manner that I can’t even explain. I have tried so much to contain my annoyance with her recent action but it’s not easy. I have been trying to act all cool do that no one would say it’s because she earns more than me. We all know how the society reacts to things like this and they will quickly conclude I am not a supportive husband. Anyone close to my family will bear me witness about how much I love my wife and how well I have been able to keep my home united since we got married. I need a solution please.

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