My wife bought a very expensive car without informing me.

Please keep me anonymous. I am a husband and a father. I love my wife and kids so much and since I got married, I have been sacrificing so much for them and trying so hard to make life easier for everyone including my son. I am a businessman and my business is moving well. I have three shops and I sell the same thing in all of them. My wife has her own business too and she is doing well but I don’t really put my mind into her business. All I care about is that her business is thriving and that she is happy with her returns.

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I love my wife so much which is also part of the reason why I bought a car for her some time in the middle of our marriage. Business was going well for me but she wasn’t fully thriving after I opened her business so I was thinking of ways to help her. Apart from supporting her business, I wanted my wife to be comfortable. She used to take the public transport to market everyday and most often, she complained of how tiring it was to use the bus. As a result of this, I bought her a car so she can be more comfortable.

The car I bought for her is currently 4 years old and although some time has passed, the car is still in good condition. I came home from the market last week only to see a new car. She walked out to scream surprise and further told me that she bought the car for herself and a sign that she was doing well. I was surprised. This is a woman I have done so much for just to make her happy and comfortable only for her to go about things this way. Some people may think I am not happy for her but that’s not the case.

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She bought a Lexus 350. Everyone knows how expensive this car is. So how did this woman pull that kind of money from her business just to buy a car. She couldn’t even try to respect me as her husband and inform me of buying the car. Why I am angry is that this is my wife. I know how much I carry her along when I am handling a project. So why did it get to her turn and she was so secret about it? No matter how much you try to cover it up and paint a better picture, it is wrong that she bought such an expensive car without sharing the information with me. I feel sad. How do I handle it?

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