My wife cannot sustain any business.

I am a father of six children. My wife and I are going to be married for twenty two years this year and things have not been great. I carry the financial burden of this family and it is weighing me down. I have been doing this for almost all the years we have been married but I keep hoping that things will get better but they never do. Our first child is in the 300 level and the other one is in 100 Level. They both attend a private university and I know how I suffer to pay their school fees and buy books and other requirements. Three other children are in secondary school while the last one is still in primary school. I handle all the expenses with no financial contribution from my wife.

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We both didn’t go to school when we first got married but after three years of marriage, I tried to start up a business for her but it didn’t work so I decided to send her to school. She graduated years later but she couldn’t get a good paying job. Most jobs she got paid less than 40k and they were demanding too so I told her not to take it. Since then, I have started four different businesses for her and they all folded. The first one I started for her was a provision store. It was a big store and looked like a mini Mart. She could not maintain it and the sales girls were stealing from her even when she was always present in the shop. She was not getting the capital so it closed down in 8 months and I sold off the remaining goods.

I was angry because I lost so much money there but I didn’t complain so much. I excused myself because I felt it was her first time running a business. The next year, she said she wanted to sell baking materials because her friend convinced her that it is lucrative. I started the business and of course you know what happened. She didn’t even last up to six months and the business started going down drastically. She tried to retain it but it couldn’t work so it closed down like the first one and I sold off the remaining goods and equipment. I was very sad that it didn’t work. I felt she was lazy and careless because I know some people that deal in baking products and how much money they make. People bake everyday so the demand is always high.

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I have also opened cosmetics and another provision store but none worked at all. It was at that point that I concluded that she couldn’t run a business. We continued looking for a job but there was no good paying job. She has been a housewife since but I am tired. I can’t do this anymore. I am going down because of stress. I am always on the move because we have bills to pay. I don’t know what to do. My wife just stays at home without contributing anything. My children are in different schools with a long list of requirements. I still have to send money to my parents and her parents too. I am tired of this. I want to know what I can do to help my situation. I need my wife to be useful. I need her to make money.

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