My Wife Cares Much More About Her Family Than About Our Marriage-Please Advise.

Bayo Ajibola

Me and my wife have been married for a couple of years. We’ve been planning to build a family. Situations are not as alright as I would wish but I believe that God will take care of us. My lovely wife has been really supportive,I thank God for her life. We’ve been able to buy a small Toyota corolla with money that she was able to save.

We’ve got a toddler of 9 months therefore most of the times,my wife is the one making use of the car. I jump on public transport from mainland to Island and its not easy at all. I’ve been hoping to be able to put some money aside to buy myself a car,even if its a small one. A vehicle in Lagos is a necessity.

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A couple of months ago,my wife received a promotion in her place of work. The promotion came with some added benefits of course. My wife was told that she will be given a car too however they hadn’t bought the car. My wife’s official car came in A couple weeks ago and it was a brand spanking new Toyota camry.

I was very delighted for her. She is outstanding at her job. I was actually hoping to be able to use our smaller car given that we have a new car. But guess what happens,my wife sent the car to her father in Ibadan. She just laughed and said in a flimsy way that she would give the car to her father because she promised to get him a car since his own car broke down a while ago.

I was extremely stunned that my wife didn’t ask for my personal opinion and she undoubtedly made up her mind before informing me. I was hurt, I told her to do whatever she likes. She sent the car to her dad in Ibadan while I still continue to jump 3 buses to work every single day. I feel hurt because she wasn’t sensitive to my needs.

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I understand her dad needs a car but in Ibadan, we talking of a 70 yeras old man here, even if he want to move about prbably once a month or so you can still move about easily without having a personal car unlike Lagos. She knows how traumatic it is for me. She knows the number of times,my trouser has been ripped in a bus or how many times,I got beat by rain yet she didn’t see it important to let me use the small car.

I do not blame her,its because she bough the car with her money. I would never ever treat her like this and truth be told,I now know that it is terrible if a wife has more money than the husband. My wife never treated me terrible like this prior to the promotion. I am so bitter,I feel like telling her we need to go our separate ways. That she should actualy go and get married to her dad.

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Please advise me…how do I deal with this because since last week,I have found it hard to get along with my wife. She thinks I’m just sulking but she doesn’t know the extent of my pain. And that’s even why it is so painful.

If my wife is unable to see how important this is to me,if she could pick her family over me,why then should we stay married? Please advise…

Bayo Ajibola

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