My wife disrespects me because she earns higher than me.

I used to be a huge believer of equity, love and fairness. I saw men and women as equal and never subscribed to the school of thought that women were lower than men. Some of my friends even addressed me as a feminist because they believed that I was fighting for women so much. Fast forward to 2017, I met my wife through a mutual friend and feelings began to grow and were subsequently nurtured. What started as friends metamorphosed and led to our marriage. We got married and currently have four children. When we got married, I was doing well for myself. I was earning way higher than my wife and I provided for the family.

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I have never for once disrespected my wife nor said horrible words to her since our marriage. One of my friends left her old job to pursue a new career in a completely different field which was more lucrative. She later informed me of how good the field was and I convinced my wife to give it a shot since she passed most of the requirements. The role was in a digital marketing agency and since my wife is naturally smart and intuitive, she excelled quickly and climbed the ladder faster. He has been promoted a few times and this last promotion came with an extra title and a huge salary. 

Few months after her promotion, my wife began to change. Apart from coming home late, she no longer respected me. She would act edgy frequently and complain about irrelevant things. Now, it is as if I am the wife and she is my husband’s. I feel ashamed with all the things she does. When I have my friends over, she nags about irrelevant things and complains about how we are wasting things. I have cautioned her about how she speaks to me and reacts but of course, nothing changed. I really hate that she is this way. I love her so much and I have always wanted to take good care of her but she has changed. 

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Her salary is getting into her head and it’s terrible. I feel very terrible about the way she treats me like I am a piece of shit. I do not blame guys that refuse to marry women that earn More than them because they will disrespect them. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have married her. Now I feel terrible and see her differently. I need a way out of this mess. I earn well, at least enough to run the house. The only issue is that she earns more than me and feels like she has arrived. She no longer asks me for money and even when the kids are watching, she makes issues out of nothing. I am honestly tired of this mess and need a solution. 

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