My wife doesn’t want more children. How do I convince her?

Please, I need your input. I am a 34 year old married man with two children aged 4 and 6. My wife is 28 and we have done practically everything together. We met a long time ago, as far back as I can remember. We actually met during our university days and it has been a rollercoaster with her. She compliments me in every sense of the word. She is a great woman and I have never hesitated to show her that. We are having a major problem now and every effort to amicably resolve it is proving abortive. Before we got married, we discussed the number of kids we will have just like every other couple does and we agreed to have at least four children.

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Well, push has come to shove and my wife has suddenly changed her tune. Our first child aged 6 is a boy, just like the second one. The first is just two years older than the second which was unplanned. We decided to space the next one for at least three years. This was our agreement from our little chit chat when the second child was born. In the third year after his birth, I reminded my wife that it was time to try for another baby but she was not giving me any pleasant response. At that time, she started avoiding me. She wouldn’t come to bed until I have slept. When I ask for sex, it was like a tug of war. From her attitude and constant excuses, I could easily tell that something was amiss.

I sat her down one evening and spoke to her about it. She agreed that she was doing it on purpose because doesn’t want to have any more kids. Guyy, I was dumbstruck. Like how is she saying she doesn’t want more kids when we only have two boys. We don’t even have a girl so why is she saying she is done having kids? Should I talk about our initial agreement of having four children? I spoke to her about it and she said she has changed her mind, just like that. I have been trying to speak to her calmly but it is as if she doesn’t understand me and the point I am trying to make.

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I want more kids. In my family we are six. They are four children in their family. I am not even asking her to give me six children, I am only asking for four. She knows clearly that I love girls. I have always had a strong connection and a soft spot for girls. I don’t know how she wants me to good or live without a baby girl. It feels very unfair to me, honestly. My wife is completely fine, she doesn’t have any health problems so she can’t possibly say that it is because she is sick or something. I don’t know what to do. I have followed this issue quietly like a civilized person but my wife means what she is saying. I need inputs or suggestions from this forum so as to help me making vital decision

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