My wife doesn’t want to pay bills

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My wife and I have been married for 20 years. It is definitely a long time to stay married but we have managed to. God has been faithful to us through the ups and downs and we have weathered the storms well. As a husband I believe I should be the provider and I took it upon myself, right from the beginning, to pay all the bills.

When we first got married things used to be different. Paying bills involved queuing for long hours in different offices and that would always be tiresome. I didn’t want my wife to go through all that trouble so I made it my responsibility to do it. As a result my wife never found out how we paid the rent, water, and electricity bills. She didn’t even know where the offices were located.

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Of course things have changed now and we live in a digital era where bills can be paid via the phone but my wife has refused to change. She still doesn’t pay bills even when she has money in her phone. I know some may be thinking that she doesn’t know how to handle technology but that’s not true. My wife is actually in charge of mobile money payments at her place of work. It got really frustrating at some point because my older children called me when I had traveled for work saying they were in the dark. The postpaid electricity bill had not been paid.

I made an inquiry to the electricity company when I came back and later on signed up for a prepaid electricity meter because these never get disconnected by the power company and whenever we run out of electricity units all you have to do is just purchase some more and feed them into the gadget and the power immediately comes back on. I figured this is more convenient and easier to work with. Shock on me when I received another phone call saying they were in the dark again. My 18-year-old daughter ended up using her savings to buy more electricity yet my wife was home and had money in her phone.

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Is this really normal surely? Did I shield my wife too much and now she just can’t do basic things in the house? What are my children learning from this? What would happen to my family if something was to happen to me?

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