My wife can’t keep secrets.

Please keep me anonymous. I am married with two lovely children that I adore so much. I have a beautiful wife as well and she is a very good woman. She relies on me so much and she is very supportive. She is hardworking as well and takes good care of me and my kids. My immediate family too loves her so much because she carries everyone along. She checks up on them frequently and from time to time, she sends clothes and foodstuffs to my mom and my siblings. Like I said before, she is a sweet woman and someone you’d definitely want to be around but I have a challenge.

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My wife is a free talker. She talks too much and no matter how much I try to overlook it or develop a thick skin towards it but I really hate it. The only good part of it is that she confides in me, she tells me everything about herself, her plans and anything I do that she doesn’t like but I hate that she goes on to talk to strangers about our family and our plans. I recently bought land worth millions which I intend to develop. Rightfully, as my wife she has to know and I told her. She went on to tell her friends about it.

Her friend’s husband who happens to be my friend told me about it and went on to say I should have informed him so he’d help me bargain well. I just found a way to cover up the story and talk about something else. I told my wife about it and she said it was a thing of joy and she just wanted to share the good news with people. I agree it’s good news but some things are better kept private. Today’s world is somehow and you don’t even know who is genuinely happy for you so it is best to keep a lot of things to yourself.

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She also told one of her friends about my sister who is getting married. Meanwhile, the guy has not even come for introduction at all. I just don’t like how she tells people about things. She is a jovial person and she gets along easily with people but there should be a limit. She shouldn’t be telling everyone about personal things. I have had conversations with her many times regarding this but she never change. I don’t know how best to handle this and I can’t keep things away from her, she is my wife and should be aware of my plans.

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