My wife has anger issues and it’s having a bad effect on our children.

If there is anything I hold dear in this life, it’s my family most especially my children. I can do anything to ensure they have a good life and I don’t like it when anyone does anything that will affect my kids, not even if you’re my family. I have three children and the eldest is 9. My wife and I have been married for 14 years and I know what we went through before we were able to have these kids. It’s one of the reasons why I love my children and do not appreciate anyone doing anything that will harm them. I thought my wife should feel the same way but she doesn’t. She acts like she is irritated all the time.

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She easily gets angry and shouts at the kids when they do any small thing. This has strained her relationship with them and I hate it. The kids are more comfortable and freer when I am around. Sometimes they cry when I want to leave the house and it is very bad. My wife spanks and scolds them at any chance she gets. She has failed to understand that these are kids and they will misbehave sometimes. However, it is our job as parents to caution them and teach them the right thing to do. Raising kids or parenting is a huge task and requires a lot of patience. I know children can be annoying and get on your nerves sometimes.

My children are afraid of their mother. It is very bad. I notice that they are always quiet when they are with her, I have a feeling that it is beginning to affect their self esteem. I can hardly come home to see my wife playing with the kids. It’s either they are sleeping or reading, they don’t chat as supposed. I don’t know what happened to my wife. She used to be the sweetest person I’ve ever known. She used to be homely, accommodating, lovely, name it. She welcomes people with open arms and ensures everyone around her is happy. I can’t explain what happened to her and why she suddenly changed. She doesn’t agree she is wrong.

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She always says that the kids do not listen to instructions and that they should be disciplined. Yes, kids should be disciplined but not in that manner. I have been trying to teach her that kids should be disciplined with love, at least correct them in a low tone. I have tried my best but nothing is working. The one that baffles me the most is that we spent almost 5 years looking for a child and now that we have been blessed, she is suddenly harsh to them.i honestly don’t understand why. She wasn’t like this. I know the woman I married. I don’t know how I can make her change.

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