My wife has been denying me sex for a month now. I am considering other options. – Man laments.

My wife of two years suddenly started denying me sex, no explanation, no quarrel, absolutely for no reason. I have been trying to understand what her reason for the recent change in character was but I can’t place my hands on anything. I have spoken to her in the calmest manner you can ever think of yet she has not changed. It even got to a point that I had to involve her mom but nothing positive came out of it. I also spoke to her younger sister who she bonds very well with but there was no change. I have apologized for any wrong thing I might have done to her, I even bought her gifts to apologize including a shoe from her favorite designer. All these did not make her change. 

The funny thing is that she acts very okay, she speaks to me normally like everything is fine but when I want to have sex with her, she becomes very rigid and sometimes, when I push to hard, she leaves the room. I have used every kind of tactic but none is working. I have been a very good husband to her so why would she possibly be treating me this way? I pay my daughter’s school fees, I drop money daily for food even when she works I but her gifts at intervals  I also subscribe her phone every week and drop her off at work when she doesn’t want to use her car. I still come to pick her up from work on such days. So what is the problem? 

I have endured this for over a month now but I don’t think I can continue. My sexual urges have gotten to the climax and I beginning to feel frustrated. I have been very faithful to my wife since we met. I have never had anything to do with any other woman since then and I have never harboured the thought of doing so until now. I feel like I am choking. I haven’t had sex for more than a month now and from the look of things, she is not planning to let me touch her any time soon and I don’t think I can wait any longer. 

I spoke to my friend about  it and he promised to link me up with this lady, it is not for a relationship. I will just have sex with her and pay her then we go our separate ways. I don’t know if this is a good idea. It is just going to be once. I am feel very uncomfortable and I don’t think I can continue to wait for my wife to come around. I feel like I am going crazy. I don’t know why my wife is doing this, honestly. I have been a very good and caring husband so why would she treat me like a stranger? Is she seeing someone else? Our marriage is barely 2 years so is it possible that she is already tired? 

Who could she be seeing? Thinking about these things make me worried sick. I don’t know what else to do. Please help me, how else am I supposed to approach her so she will come back to her normal self. I miss her woman I married. I miss my wife and I want to be as honest with her as possible. I don’t want to have sex with any other woman apart from her. I so much love my wife and  want things to be normal again. What do I do? How should I approach my wife? What can I do to make her change her mind? Please help me. I am so confused right now. 

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