My wife has recently converted to Christianity and it’s hurting our sex life

Bayo Ajibola

Me and my wife have been together for about 2 years now and sexual activity has been a regular part of our relationship. Sometimes there have been dry spells, other times long periods of heightened activity, but it’s always been there in some way, and hasn’t been an issue until recently.

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About a month ago, she converted to Christianity. I, for reference, am an agnostic with a leaning towards atheism. Even after her conversion, we’ve been sexually active, but for the past couple of weeks she’s been very opposed to sex. Mind you, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want me to go down on her or engage in any other form of foreplay, but she’s been adamantly opposed to sex proper.

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This has been a very stressful change for me, because it’s disrupted the usual rhythm of our relationship, and sex has always been a part of my love language. Its how I feel intimately close with her, and it brings me a large degree of comfort. I’ve talked about this with her, but she’s still very unsure about continuing sex in our relationship, and I’m worried the topic will cause friction (pun not intended) if its allowed to fester. Gurus of Reddit, what should I do?

Bayo Ajibola

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