My wife has refused to contribute to our child’s medical bills

Please keep me anonymous. I am a married man. I have been married for three years now with a child, a lovely boy. My wife and I used to have a great marriage but now, all we have left are regrets, pain, quarrel and many more unpleasant things. We used to date while we were working, after that we decided to get married because we had a good chemistry. We were so much in love with each other that we could not let go of ourselves and the love we shared. We had a major block to our proposed union. We were both AS but we damned the consequences and went ahead to get married against medical advice. Till today, I still can’t believe I took that decision in my right senses. We have been married for three years and the so-called love has vanished. 

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We have a son that will turn three this year but we only brought him to this life to suffer pain and pity. He has sickle cell and goes through crises. All my hard earned money no longer last. Everything goes into his medical bill. I really feel sad that this is my reality. We move from one hospital to another but nothing permanent can be done to alleviate his condition. I watch him daily battle for life and it breaks my heart knowing it is my fault that he is going through such pain. Because of this, we are not even making plans of having another child. My wife too is fed up with the frequent hospital visit and it has also affected the love and understanding we both had. Now all she does is regret getting married to me and suffering. 

Almost everything I earn go into feeding and medications for our son. I honestly want him to live long and that is why I work so hard to ensure I can foot his medical bills but it seems my efforts are not enough. I can’t foot the bills alone and my wife had refused to contribute any more. She said she is tired of the marriage and wants to move on with her life. No matter what I do, no matter how much I plead with her to reconsider her decisions, she remains adamant. She earns well and the only contribution she makes for the home is in the aspect of feeding. She has refused to contribute to our child’s medical bills. She keeps threatening to leave the marriage and I don’t know what to do about this. I am remorseful but if she leaves, I can’t take care of our son alone, I do not have the skills needed. 

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I don’t know what to do. Please is there any way I can convince my wife to contribute for the medical bills at least to save our son. I still love her but the most important person in this picture is our son. I understand the pain she is passing through too but she is not alone. I am in this with her but our son needs to live. He is our first fruit. We can both get angry and regret our decisions over and over again but it won’t change anything. Please what can I do? I need my wife’s financial support, I am broke already but I want my son to live. Please I need suggestions. 

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