My wife insists on getting rid of this pregnancy. How do I convince her against it?

Please help me post this so that your community members can advise me on what to do. It is about my wife. I know she will see this because she is your follower but I honestly don’t care anymore. My efforts to stop her have failed so I have no other option than to bring it here. We have been married for fourteen years with four children. Our first son is thirteen years and currently in secondary school. After we had our last child, we both agreed that she would be the last and that instead of having any more children, we will channel our resources into raising those that we have already. My wife has been on contraceptives since delivering our last child. She has been using an implant for this purpose.

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Last month, she casually told me that she missed her period. I just told her that it could just be late because we believed that since she had an implant, she couldn’t possibly be pregnant. Also, I know that sometimes, implants affect the menstrual cycle of the user. She sounded worried but I convinced her that it was nothing. The following week, she brought it up again and I advised her to go to the hospital to complain to the doctors. She first bought a pregnancy test strip which after using, it showed that she was pregnant. She was panicking. She checked two more times and it was the same thing. I drove her to the hospital and we ran another pregnancy test which came out positive.

She was so sad and was even crying. I tried to assure her that it was nothing but she wasn’t having it. Three says after that incident, she woke up and told me that she wasn’t keeping the pregnancy. I was dumbstruck. Of all the possibilities that I even thought of, what she mentioned never crossed my mind. I quickly rebuked her but it seemed my mind had been made up. Since then, I have been trying to talk her out of it but without success. She is complaining that she can’t have another child and that the economy is struggling. We are not wealthy but at least, we have enough to feed us and provide the basic necessities.

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What she wants is inconceivable. I think it is very extreme and shouldn’t even be an option but I don’t know what has come over my wife. All my preachings to her seem to be falling on deaf ears. I need help. How best can I talk her out of this situation? I know that we didn’t prepare for this but I believe that this is something we cannot control. Since the pregnancy is already here, let us have the baby. We don’t know why things turned out like this. I know that we are not so rich but we have enough to take care of this baby and still give our other children a good life and pay for their education and other needs. Please help me talk to my wife, I know that she will see this. I don’t know what else to do.

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