My wife is a banker and I have a feeling she is cheating on me.

My wife is a banker and due to the recent emphasis on DNA tests and the talk about bankers and their promiscuity, I am beginning to suspect my wife and also read meaning into all the things she has been doing. So my wife is a banker. She is just a low-level staff but the way she spends money amazes me. Her salary is not all that big but the clothes she wears, shoes, bags and the rest are just too expensive for her to comfortably buy with her salary. I give her money though but it still doesn’t add up. 

There’s also this senior staff in her bank that calls her regularly. He is a top staff in the bank and has control over different things. He calls my wife frequently even at weekends and odd hours. I have confronted my wife about this connection between her and the man but she insists it is just work related. Sometime last year, my wife bought a car without informing me. Omo! I wan craze. 

I just got home from work one Saturday evening and she zoomed out of the house with a car key. She was obviously very excited and was shouting surprise. She pointed to the new car packed in the compound and said she got it for herself as a birthday gift. Guys, I was dumbfounded. I know how we’re struggling to feed and raise the kids and my wife of 8 years bought a car without telling me. Without asking for monetary support from me. I won’t lie, I was confused. 

I had a lot of questions but I didn’t want to make a fuss about the whole thing. I just said congratulations and went in. She knew my mood was off and when she came inside, she kept asking if I wasn’t Happy for her. I couldn’t hide it. I asked her how she got the money and she said she has been saving. Lol. Saving? I asked her if she was seeing someone especially that her bank staff and she got pissed. She started blackmailing and spoke about how I didn’t trust her. We quarreled that night and went to bed angry but we later resolved it. 

Do you know that sometimes my wife says she is going to work on weekends? Not just that she is going to work, she says it’s a work-related meeting and it holds at a hotel. She goes there looking very hot and I really can’t comprehend the kind of meeting that holds in a hotel room on weekends. I am just a lecturer at a private university and I don’t earn so much. But I earn enough to take care of her and our kids. 

There was also a time she said she was going for a work-related conference holding at Ghana and it was supposed to last for one week. One whole week. The annoying thing is that my wife is a low-level staff. Yes, a low-level staff so why does she keep doing things and going for meetings or conferences that should be attended to by top staff. She gets preferential treatment a lot. Even the trips are all paid for. Sincerely, it doesn’t add up and it freaks me out. 

Whenever I think about it or even try to confront her, she picks a quarrel and I end up begging her for forgiveness. I spoke to her about the lady that cheated on her husband with the FCMB MD and her reaction was suspicious. She was indirectly defending the lady and it really got me wondering if she is faithful and if my kids are really mine. We even quarreled because of it and she Was against DNA tests on kids. 

She said it just shows that men don’t trust their wives and went on to talk about how women do a lot of things and go the extra mile to take care of their family but are still unappreciated. What is the extra mile she is talking about? I am curious. I have made up my mind to conduct a DNA test in my children without informing her. I don’t know if this is a good decision. I need to know if there is a way I can find out if she is cheating on me with that her office staff. Help me please. 

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