My wife is a religious fanatic

Please keep me anonymous. I am very furious as I am typing this. I don’t know why humans change overnight. I have a wife that I love so much. I do everything humanly possible to see that she is comfortable and lacks nothing. When I first met her, she didn’t go to secondary school because her family could not afford to send her to school. I was a young man that was still struggling to survive but I had a good means of survival. We were good friends and I told her of my intentions to have a relationship with her. She agreed and I advised her to buy a jamb form.

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I gave her the money to purchase the jamb form and afterwards started training her. We got married in her second year and have been together since then. I have been supporting her since we met and after she graduated, she couldn’t get a job and I suggested she start a business. She said she had interest in selling agrochemicals since it was close to what she studied. I pulled so much money from my savings and started it for her. She was doing well until she started going to this fellowship which her friend introduced her to.

Ever since she started going there, her sales have dropped. She closed early from the market to go for fellowship. On Saturday she didn’t go to the market at all, she went to the fellowship. We had a big quarrel and she stopped going there on Saturday. Now her shop has gone down too much. She struggles to pay rent for the shop. I found out that she comes to the shop in the morning but closes by 12 to go to the church and return by 2pm.  This was one of the reasons her business is crumbling.

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The one that forced me to write to you is that she said she wants to close the shop and devote herself fully to the fellowship. I was very angry and threatened to send her packing if she ever tries it. We have 5 children, two are in the University and I know how I struggle to put food on the table and also pay their fees. My wife that should support me is acting like she has been possessed. She was never like this and I don’t know what to do. I have sent a message to her parents to inform them of what I’d going on and what I’ll do if she dares to go against my order. I need a solution please.

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