My wife is a shameless liar and a nag.

I don’t know why some women are very difficult to deal with. No matter the amount of love, care and affection you show the person, it almost doesn’t change who they are and that is extremely stressful for you as a person who means we’ll for them. I got married to my wife in 2018 and when I met her, I met a broken woman who almost had nothing to look forward to. Beneath her struggles, behind a struggling broken woman, I saw another affectionate woman who wanted to be loved and cared for. We had quite a number of things in common and with time, I began to understand her and some of the difficulties she has experienced.

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As a well-meaning individual, all I wanted to do was to be a great friend and give her a shoulder to lean on. I tried my possible best to assist her in whichever way I could and ensure she is a better person. Two years down the line, we are married with twins and the shocking things about this woman that I thought I knew and loved intensely was that her words couldn’t be trusted. I noticed that she lies to me sometimes and she doesn’t keep track of the things she said so it was quite easy to spot the difference in her assertions. Earlier on, she said her parents were struggling with their marriage and it affected her seeing her parents fight often.

Of a truth, her parents were struggling with their marriage but she left out the most important information. She failed to tell me that it was her mom’s fault that their marriage was hitting the rock and she was well aware of it. Her mother cheated on her father which terribly hurt their relationship. When I found out about this, I of course, told her about it and expressed my disappointment with the fact that she lied to me, painted her father in a bad light and changed my perception of him. In her defense, she said it was his fault that her mother cheated because he wasn’t emotionally available. She lies to me a lot. She even lied about how many relationships she had in the past.

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I also found out that the role she claimed to have at work was only but a figment of her imagination. She lies unprovoked and the worst part of it is that she doesn’t feel remorseful when she is caught. She doesn’t keep track of her lies and if she could lie to me, her husband, imagine what will happen to outsiders. She pads every list that she gives me to buy groceries. If she says she needs 20k to buy foodstuff, what she might really buy would be 12k or 13k. I take good care of her. I buy her gifts and send her money for her personal upkeep. She also nags a lot and can talk me out of the house.

Our marriage is young but with how she is going, I am wondering if I made a mistake choosing her as a wife. It had become too much and I might want to quit. Can I remedy this failing marriage?

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