My wife is always in debt. What do I do?

I need you all to advise me because all the measures I have taken in order to out an end to this terrible attitude have all proved abortive. First of all, I am a father aged 32 while my wife is just 27. We have both been married for a little above a year. We began dating in 2021 and barely 6 months into our relationship, one thing led to another and my wife got pregnant. Because of the situation, I had no other option than to marry her. I went to see her family and because I loved her then, I didn’t hesitate to pay the bride price and do every other thing to finalize the marriage plans. She gave birth this year and since we got married, I have been witnessing all kinds of unspeakable things.

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When my wife and I were dating, I do give her money frequently and it’s usually in large sums. She also had a business which I support regularly because I loved her. We were still in the process of getting ourselves when the pregnancy thing happened so I just married her. I didn’t know how well she handled money but because she had a business which was going very well so I assumed that she was focused and knew what to do to make money but I was wrong. After we got married, she had to pause her business a bit because of the pregnancy and that was when I realized that I was in for a very long ride.

She started requesting money frequently and would claim that it was for her to buy baby things and since I didn’t know how much the things cost, I always gave her enough money and even extra. However I didn’t know that she was in debt and using the money I gave her to settle her debts. This got so bad and continued until it was almost time for her delivery. I realized that she hadn’t gotten up to seventy percent of all the things listed in the list. I asked her and she said she would get the remaining. I pressed further and realized that she was in sever debt and has been using the money for baby things and foodstuff to pay back. She apologized and I helped her clear the debt after some time.

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Now, the problem is that she is in debt again and it’s not even a small amount of money. She owes someone 2million naira and I don’t know how she did that or how she spent it. I don’t know what she did with the money or how she intends to pay back. Her shop had been locked since then so I can’t say she used it for business.  I am in trouble, I don’t know what is going on in my family. I think my wife has a problem with finance. Where will I raise 2 million naira? The annoying part is that I have been asking her in a very low tone but she has just been giving me made up stories about how she spent the money but it is nothing tangible. I need help. I can’t be with a woman who spends like this.

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