My wife is cheating on me with a bank staff.

Please keep me anonymous. I want to complain to you about my wife of seven years. We have been happily married for all these years with two children both of whom we have heavily invested our earnings in. My wife owns a salon which I helped build for her. It’s a unisex salon and she recently started selling hairs as well. I am a businessman and I import interior decors. I am very comfortable and I love my wife so much which is why I have always helped her own when she is in need. Last year, I noticed that her character changed.

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I didn’t know why it was happening but I never stopped loving and caring for her. I asked her severally what the matter was but she wouldn’t say. Her attitude changed, she was on and off. Today she is so sweet like the wife I have always known, next tomorrow, she is completely different, acting like we are having issues. When she is back in a good mood, she just says it’s mood swings and begs that I forgive her. Ending of last year, her actions got worse. She was always unresponsive and would often ignore me like I did something wrong.

I noticed she spent more time on her phone and she was always chatting and giggling with someone I didn’t know. I confronted him about her character but she maintained that nothing was wrong. It got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore. I spoke to my best friend about it and he told me he could access her phone from his end and see what she has been up to. He is an experienced tech guy. I was reluctant about giving him such authority. Something in me wanted to trust my wife and believe that she would come around but she didn’t. 

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Two weeks later, I allowed my friend to do what he wanted and that was when we found out that she was cheating on me. My friend sent me all the evidence and I was broken. I went home angrily and met my wife. We had a huge altercation and I hit her bitterly. I was furious. We had only been married for seven years with two children. It was a relatively young marriage so why was she cheating on me? Was I not good enough? I spent so much money on her and our kids. She was sorry but I wasn’t sure I could ever forgive her. I saw my kids differently. I began to doubt if the kids were really mine. She is apologizing but I don’t think I can ever forgive her.

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