My wife is cheating on me with her colleague.

Please hide my identity. I am married with a wife and a child that is a year and four months old. This goes ahead to tell you all how young our marriage is. I love my wife so much and I am so willing to do anything for her just to ensure that she is happy and has an easy life. However, she has done something I do not think I will ever be able to forget even if I finally get to forgive her. I recently found out that my wife whom I have sacrificed so much for is nothing but an unfaithful woman. I just realized that marriage has no definite pattern and I am so hurt. Would you believe that my wife and I dated for four years before we got married? I mean four whopping years only for her to do this to me. I met her when I was serving in her state. I was posted to serve in Uyo as a health worker and she happened to come to the hospital for medical treatment. I attended to her politely just like I do to every other person. She was supposed to come back the previous day to pick up her test results but the person in charge was uncertain about whether or not the results would be ready by then. 

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Since I work there daily, my wife asked to know if she got my number so she could call me before coming and know if the man in charge was around. I gave her my number and the rest is history. We got married and I honestly thought that I would be the happiest man on earth. I thought I was marrying my best friend so everything was going to be great for me. I really believed that I was going to have the happiest home but all those were mere wishes. My wife and I are both working. My wife walks with an international company and they go for training at intervals. The time of the month determines what training they would have and how long they will spend during the training. In the middle of the year, they always had this major training session that always took place at Abuja. It was the most important training of the year and they always got the opportunity to learn a lot of things then meet and associate with other people in their field of work. She went for the training which lasted for almost a month in Abuja. 

It was not the first time that she was going for the training session since I met her although it was the first time she was going since we got married. She missed the previous one because she was nursing our new born baby then so she was really excited to go for this one. She went and after the training, I realized that my wife had changed. Initially, she was a very free person. I had free access to her phone, tablets and other personal belongings and she didn’t even give a damn. We both were used to using each other’s things. Sometimes we shared the same password with each other but when she came back from that training, she changed. She became so concerned about her phone. She did not want me to touch or have access to her phone. Whenever I ask for it even though I don’t want to check anything, she acts all defensive and says she has something to do on the phone. She was always hiding her phone from me and she changed her passwords frequently. 

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Whenever I find out about the current password, she changes it almost immediately. These and some other things that she was doing made me curious about what she was hiding. I became more interested in using her phone and finding out if there was another that was seeing her.  I checked her phone one night while she was sleeping and what I saw baffled me. My wife has been cheating on me with this guy that she met at the training session in Abuja and they were always in touch. They were professing how much they loved each other and my wife was always telling the guy how great he makes her feel. I am so livid right now. I do not know what to do or how best to handle this. I am heart broken. I honestly can’t believe that my wife would do this to me. She knows I know now and she has been begging me. She has been apologizing and promising to do better but I can’t even look at her anymore. I am so angry. I don’t know what to do.  

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