My Wife Is Circumcised And It’s Affecting Our Sex Life

Bayo Ajibola

I have a wife, and newly married. But my challenge is that she hardly get wets. She once told me that she was circumcised but I didn’t understand the disadvantage, thought it is same effect like a man.

We do have premarital sex (romance and pre-intimacy) for some time long enough to make her wet. But immediately we start having sex she dries up easily which makes it painful and somewhat not enjoyable to her after some time.

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If she were to be a random girl, I won’t care much. But she is my wife and I feel her pain. So I stop immediately and calm her down.

When we were dating we do fore play a lot but no sex until marriage now. I know you might say eating her p…. that works but saliva doesn’t last and dries up. And am thinking what if she gives birth, giving a head might reduce too.

I know am not the only man in this trend. Many beautiful ladies out there are still in this shoe. I never knew cutting a girls clitoris has a big negative effect. Sex looks like war to them. Yes not the same to all but their sex life is not enjoyable to the fullest.

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So I ask, to those that might have had this experience, is there anyway I can make her enjoy sex the more? Please not any rough discussion is accepted. I just don’t have that mind of seeing myself enjoy it alone when she isn’t. Now I have learnt my lesson, girl circumcision is bad. That’s why most circumcised girls can stay without a bf, is not always self discipline is just lack of urge.

Please help. If you know anyone about it. And I browsed too i read they have difficulty too during child birth and they are prone to disease easily so how true is that? Just want to know all I need to know so precaution will be taken. Want to make her safe and happy. Thank you.

Bayo Ajibola

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