My wife is not ambitious and I hate it

Please keep me anonymous and inform me before you post this. I am a grown man with a child and a wife who doesn’t complement me as much as I would love. I work hard daily to make a living and give my family a good life but it seems all my efforts are going to waste because I toil only for my wife to lavish my income and spend extravagantly. I brainstorm a lot and I find new ways of making money, at least to ensure that we are able to foot our bills and still have food to eat. 

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My wife is a staff in a secondary school that is not far from where we live. The work is actually stress-free for her as she has a junior colleague, a corper that helps her out with so many of the activities. It’s a government job but the pay isn’t so much, at least compared to my salary. I am a very ambitious person and I always think about the future. Yes, we may be comfortable now and have enough to eat and survive currently but what will happen in the future? 

With the way things are going, technological advancement and the crazy rise in cost of food and other services, there will come a time when our basic job, at least the one we do currently, will not be enough or sufficient to take care of our needs. I take online courses and also take up virtual jobs to earn more. Even though I am a very busy person and my job is very demanding, I still find ways to do all these things. My wife on the other hand has more time than I do yet she doesn’t care about doing more to earn.

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She is very comfortable with what she does now and I just can’t understand why. She is so interested in having a flashy lifestyle and jumping on existing trends on TikTok and Instagram. She is what you would call an Instagram wife as she is always making videos and uploading on her profile. She spends almost half or her salary and even more on clothes, bags and other accessories. I have complained and complained yet she doesn’t understand me. I don’t know how I ended up in this situation. This marriage is just 3 years and it is already sour for me. 

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