My wife is not smart at all and it disturbs me.

Please hide my identity. This thing I am about to share with you has been disturbing me and I want to seek your opinion about it. I am a father. I have three children aged five, three and the youngest who is barely six months. I am a very busy person as my job requires me to travel frequently. Sometimes I can stay up to two months away from home. I am an engineer so I travel to different locations for different jobs and because I work with a reputable and popular company, we get contracts frequently which makes me travel frequently too. What worries me now is my wife. She is not book smart. She hardly knows how to do the kids’ assignments and this is very evident in their results. I met my wife seven years ago when I traveled to her school to handle a construction contract. 

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Normally, I go to clubs with some of my coworkers to ease stress. Our job is very demanding and many times, I hardly get time to leave the construction site. I always have to be around the site and monitor how the project construction is going. As a result of this, making out time to relax and have fun is usually challenging for me. However, one of my coworkers who was my age usually went out especially on weekends to chill off. I began to follow him and it helped to improve my mood. It was on one of such occasions that I met my current wife. I met her at the club and she was looking very lovely. I went over to her, had a conversation and bought drinks for her and her friends. This gained me more time and attention and speaking with her that evening, I found out she was a good lady. 

We continued talking and even after I left her school, we still remained close. I am a graduate so she didn’t have anything to complain of, I took care of her and did a lot of things. I actually thought she was smart as she made good grades. Now, when I am at home and she helps the kids to do their assignments, I realize that the answers are always wrong. The first time I checked the children’s homework booklet, I saw that they were having low scores and when I looked at the questions, they were basic arithmetic works for children. I was really disappointed that the kids were not doing well in their assignments. So I made an effort to teach them whenever I was at home. Another day that I came back, she helped the children to do their assignments. When they were done, I went through the homework and I realized that she was wrong. 

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When I called her attention to the questions and the errors, she said it was because she was tired and it affected her productivity. She gave excuses on how she was shuttling between the kitchen and other things she had to do. I overlooked it but it recurred. I don’t like this thing. I want my children to do great in and outside school. Their spoken English is good but their arithmetic and some written sentences are poor. I have suggested hiring a home teacher for them but she says no. She claims that she can handle it but I know she can’t. I don’t want to tell her that she is a poor teacher but I don’t want to sound terrible but I am very concerned about my children. I want them to have a good future and the process starts now, from a good foundation. What can I do?  

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