My wife is not submissive

Please keep my identity hidden. I am a young father of two and a Business guy. I got married to my wife in 2018 after dating her for two years. Honestly, she was a very good woman and was very submissive to me. She used to inform me of all her plans and even when she wants to leave the house she informs me. We had a good relationship and it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to marry her. She was working and making a decent living. She was kind, generous and very homely but all that seems to have changed now and I can’t explain why.

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After we got married, my wife changed completely. The first two years of our marriage were good and after she gave birth to our first child, she became very difficult to deal with. It was as if I married a complete stranger. She became irritable, got angry easily and made a case out of everything. She also questioned my opinion even when they were clearly meant for the benefit of our family. I spoke to my sister about it and she told me not to take it to heart that it could be as a result of childbirth as some women experience something similar after delivery. 

She convinced me to give her some time and to show her more love and she will get better with time. Years have passed and she hasn’t changed. It is as if that’s her nature now and I hate it. She challenges me everytime and doesn’t even inform me when she wants to do things. The other day, I came back from work and realized no one was at home. Apparently, she prepared the kids and traveled to her parents’ house without informing me. I called her both lines and they were switched off. It was when I reached her sister that she informed me that they were at home.

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The worst part of it all is that she shows no kind of remorse whatsoever. She is unapologetic. She came home four days later and even while I asked for an explanation, she remained mute. All she managed to say was that I should be grateful that she went to her parents’ house and not a man’s house. I am honestly tired. I have complained to anyone close to her but nothing seems to change. She doesn’t listen to anyone. Sometimes she is normal. She is all lovely, hugs and kisses me affectionately, talks to me about her plans and even apologizes for any time she wrongs me. I don’t know how to cope when she starts acting up.

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