My wife is openly having an affair with my boss. What do I do?

I haven’t been married to my wife for so long which makes me wonder if this marriage is going to work at all. I work at a Tech company and I am a very respected and productive staff in the company. I studied computer science here in Nigeria and was able to do my masters abroad. This, in addition to other online courses I took helped me widen my scope in the tech world. As a result of this, I became very good in tech and I could provide solutions to many problems in the field. 

Because of this, my boss liked me and we became close. He usually sought my help when it comes to work and I always delivered. This made him promote me and increase my salary. We became really close and we visited each other from time to time. Little did I know that his visit will ruin my marriage. He has become close to my wife and they were already having an affair behind my back. 

My wife was still good to me until I found out. I was mad. I couldn’t hold back my anger. The feeling of betrayal enveloped me. I was so angry and somehow ashamed of myself. I still went to work but no longer in my usual mood. I tried as much as possible to avoid my boss because I couldn’t face him. I felt used and betrayed. At work, I was moody and angry. This affected my productivity a lot. 

I later confronted my wife and after the long argument, I told her I was going to involve her people. She wasn’t remorseful or sad. She simply said I would do no such thing and dared me to try her. I thought she was only making empty threats until days later when my boss called me into his office. He was unexpectedly shameless and had visibly turned into a very domineering man. Unlike his usual soft and receptive nature, he cared less about how I felt. He went ahead to say in a commanding manner that I should never try to tell my family or friends about my wife’s infidelity or I would have him to contend with. After saying this, he sent me out of his office. 

Now, they both go out at will. My wife leaves the house and comes back when she wants to. Sometimes she doesn’t even come home at all. She no longer cleans the house, cook or do any of her usual activities. We still share the same bed but often, I would leave the bed to sleep in another room because I can’t bear to be on the same bed with a cheat. We don’t have a child yet and it makes matters worse. We have been married for 6 years with a child. On one of the days we quarreled, she said she could simply leave the marriage. 

I love my wife so much but as it stands, I feel defeated. I can’t even do anything because my hands are tied. If I involve her family members, I am sure that my boss will sack me and I am taking care of my family. I train my siblings in school and still food the hospital bills of my sick father. I don’t know what to do. To make matters worse, my wife isn’t even remorseful so I can’t talk about forgiving her. 

I can no longer stay in this marriage but I don’t know what to do. Should I damn the consequences and tell my wife’s family about her infidelity? Or I should just resign. I need help. I need answers. I need a solution. Please come to my aid. 

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