My wife is pressuring our daughter to get married.

I am a proud father of three and alongside my wife, we have been able to work hard and earn enough to give our children the best education possible. Our kids are all brilliant and the eldest is in final year in Madonna university while the last child is in SS2 in a private secondary school. They all attend good schools and we have made efforts to train them in the right way. My wife is young and very pretty. She earns well and takes good care of herself and our kids. She also belongs to various women organizations when she heads a few.

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Having been married to my wife for almost 25 years, I have come to understand that she loves attention and as such loves to be in the spotlight at all times. I give her all the necessary attention, as her husband of course. My first child in final year is turning 23 this month and for a long time now, she has been intensely pressured by her mother to get married. My wife comes home from a meeting to tell me about how different women shared packs of soap or salt because their daughters got married or they got back from omugwo. I have to always remind her to let our daughter be.

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She pressured our daughter so much and I don’t like that. Our daughter now avoids coming home because she doesn’t want to face her mother and this worries me. She can’t keep running away from home. What if she runs into bad company? I have spoken to my wife so many times but it falls on deaf ears. She  keeps saying she wants to carry her grandchild but this is the wrong way to go about it. Our daughter is still young and I believe she has plans. Marriage will come later when she is ready but my wife doesn’t understand this. I need suggestions on what to do please.

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