My wife is sleeping with a married man.

Kindly share this with your audience. I need advice on this matter. It is about my wife and her recent change in character. Before I proceed, let me share a little background story about myself and my wife. I am presently 36 years old while my wife is 32. I am an entrepreneur, I deal in furniture. I import some furniture while I also make some by myself. My business was doing well and I had so many apprentices and sales people working for me. On the other hand, my wife, aged 32, doesn’t have such a well paying job. She basically tries out different things to support the family and since my business thrives, we don’t notice her job pay.

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My business had a huge problem last year and since then we have been struggling. My shop caught fire one night and almost everything I had in the shop was completely burnt. The few things that remained had one damage or the other. It was a very terrible time for me. I had no one to run to and even though some of my friends sent me money, it wasn’t enough to start another shop for me. I lost millions of naira because of that fire incident. Since then my family has been struggling and managing to survive. Since I couldn’t raise money to continue the business I was into, I had to start something else. I opened a small provision store but sales were low and the money I made was too small.

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My wife has been supporting the family since then. I noticed that she was stressed but I couldn’t help it. I was doing the best I could. She began staying out late and said it was because she was trying to get food for us. Two weeks ago, I discovered that she is having an affair with a married man. Not just a married man, an old man. He is quite rich and showers my wife with gifts and money. Since my business had issues, she rarely asks me for money but she buys food and keeps that home running. I know I wanted to find out how she was making the money for the family even when she barely had a good job. I blame myself for not asking. I don’t know what to do.

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