My wife is threatening to leave because of my financial challenges.

Please, I need your help. I am a young lecturer in a Nigerian university. I was deeply affected by the ongoing strike and it has gotten so bad that it is beginning to affect my relationship with my wife. The strike is almost seven months and lecturing is my only source of income. I am currently thirty six years old while my wife is twenty eight. We have three children and they are all in school. Their school is quite an expensive school and due to the ongoing strike, paying their fees has become a big challenge for me. I spoke to my wife and told her to change schools for them but she refused. She is of the opinion that good foundation plays a crucial role in the life of a child.

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I do agree with her but there are other good schools around where they can be enrolled in. Another thing that is annoying me so much is that she doesn’t have a great job. She earns below 100k and she still feels like she has the right to make very expensive decisions. I love my wife but since this ASUU strike, I have come to discover that the only thing she is interested in is my money. I met her when I was working as a banker in Zenith bank. I was earning well then and I ensured she was well catered for. I later got a job offer at the University through my very good friend. I believed I would do well in academia and that was why I resigned from the bank.

Since this strike started, things have been quite rocky between my wife and myself. I have been striving to get money for food so that I can take care of them. Unfortunately, my wife is so unappreciative and insensitive. Even though she knew exactly what was the situation on ground, she still continued to make very crazy demands. I had borrowed from a couple of friends when the strike just started but now, I can’t even pay it back. She has been the one handling feeding and all but she has been nagging and nagging. She tells anyone who cares to listen about my inability to provide currently.

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I have been looking for another job but to no avail. I am tired of going through this phase. My wife is not even helping matters

I want to know if there is a way out of this mess. I am thinking of selling my car. It sounds like a terrible decision but I don’t have any option now.

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